Millions of Psychological Crises can be Prevented

Our products offer continuous, proactive support for people with chronic mental disorders

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Instant support - it’s in your hands

Has the smartphone become your omnipresent companion? We develop apps that provide individual, proactive support anytime, anywhere.

Ours apps are founded on evidence-based therapies and are suitable for many common mental disorders like depression, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and addictions.

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Safety Plan App: Quickly Access Help During a Crisis

Creating a safety plan with a therapist has become best practice. When a crisis arises, however, there is often little time to search for a physical document.

This app offers an easy and quick way to access and execute your personal safety plan, helping you to deal with the crisis effectively.

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MindCare App: Manage Symptoms and Prevent Crises

Tailor-made, proactive help anytime, anywhere - that's MindCare. The MindCare app offers a large variety of evidence-based interventions. Based on sensor data and powerful machine learning algorithms, the app learns which interventions work best for the user and when to trigger them. The goal is to offer individual, proactive support conventional caregivers just can't provide.

The current beta version helps patients analyse their mental well-being and makes hidden patterns visible.

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MindCare App

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Tech-loving nerds who use our expertise to help millions of people lead better lives

Blue Bird Technologies GmbH

Cutting-edge Technology Developed For and With Patients


We work together with therapists, scientists, and, most importantly, patients to deliver highly useful products.


Our apps are founded on evidence-based psychotherapies.


Our machine learning algorithms deliver data-based individual recommendations at just the right time.

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